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Has it really been two weeks since the flurry of furniture and boxes being unloaded from the moving van? What’s really weird is that it feels like we’ve been living here for just a few days but seems like a lifetime ago that we lived in Galashiels.

We spent last week unpacking and jigsawing together our belongings, trying to get them to fit in a house that’s about half the size of our old one. In a lot of ways I already feel more at home in this house than I did in our house in Galashiels. Maybe I never really let myself settle in Gala because we always knew we would move on but it always felt like we were living in somebody else’s house (even after blood, sweat and tears were shed on improvements). I’m also finding Lybster (the village we now live in, yes we really are that far north) to be more welcoming and much more my speed. We are definitely in a bit of a honeymoon phase with new places to explore, new dog walks to find and a new pace to enjoy. It really does feel good, even if the house we’re renting is far from perfect (there’s a beetle living under the kitchen sink that would probably beat me in an arm wrestling contest).

On to our bigger news, we’ve made an offer on a croft tenancy which has been accepted. We’re just at the very beginning of this journey and it’s going to be months (most likely spring next year) before we find out if we are approved to take it on. I’ll do my best to explain the ins and outs of croft tenancies (my meagre understanding of them) in a future post. For now we are more than content to let the wheels turn slowly through all the bureaucracy while we enjoy our new surroundings.

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  1. Rosemary Gaynor says:

    What beautiful colours in that landscape! I have done a bit of snooping, courtesy of Google and gleaned information, and found your future croft, which looks stunning. Fabulous location, on a good day anyway.
    Next Spring, after the worst of the winter, will be perfect timing to get the approval and forge ahead.
    Best of Luck!

  2. Rowan says:

    Ye Gods woman! You definitely moved far north! That being said, I am truly happy that you are feeling more at home in the new place. Moving is such a traumatic event, and your household has had more than it’s fair share of long distance moves.
    I look forward to updates on your crofting journey, and the pictures you’ll take this winter! Hugs.

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