This is not the end

We did it! Last Wednesday the movers arrived and started packing everything on to their truck. They were fast! Within 5 hours everything was on except our bed and potted plants. Thursday morning  we had an early start as the movers returned at 7:30am and we needed to dismantle our bed beforehand. They loaded up our bed and plants as we hurriedly smooshed everything into our car that we would need for an overnight stay in the new house. We had to be on the road by 10am in order to pick up the keys. We waved goodbye to Galashiels right on time. In our time there Galashiels had grown on me, at first all I could see were it’s faults but there is plenty to love about the place and I will miss it.

Traveling with a cat who has only ever been in the car longer than 20 minutes once before was… fun. For the first couple of hours there was just a bit of yelling, then all out frustration arrived and he started biting the interior of his carrier. With his current health issues keeping him at least somewhat calm is important so I let him out of his carrier. I had a bit of an argument with him about not being allowed in the back seat but we finally settled on a compromise of being in the carrier but with the door open. We both survived the 6 hour drive with minimal drama.

As soon as we crossed the Cromarty Bridge we were chasing rainbows. The weather was just right for a plethora of rainbows to show us the way north. It was a fantastic welcome for our first day as Highlands residents.

After a night on an air mattress and the movers arrived Friday morning and unloaded with the same speed that it was loaded. Early Friday afternoon we were finally on our own and surrounded by boxes. We’ve spent the last couple of days trying to reduce the box population and trying to fit into a much smaller house. We now have 4 rooms less than the house in Galashiels and the rooms we have are all smaller. At the moment it feels good to downsize. Perhaps it’s because the financial burden is also a lot less but paring down our belongings and footprint also feels like a different burden has been reduced.

Legally everything has gone smoothly. Everything has been exchanged and all that’s left is for me to email those who have worked quite hard for us to thank them for their diligence.

As we are not ones to sit on our laurels, we’re making an offer on a croft tenancy tomorrow. Wish us luck! Hopefully nobody has beaten us to the punch!

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  1. Andrew says:

    Well done!
    I assume the offer is on Smiddy croft, or have you found something else?

  2. Rosemary Gaynor says:

    Well organised, I would expect nothing less! Glad all went well and even the weather complied.
    Can’t wait to hear more – plus pictures please.
    Very best wishes for your new life. xx

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