Here’s our story, sad but true…

Two weeks ago at about this time I was standing in Schiphol airport waiting to board the plane home. I had one last, quick look at email and saw there was one from our solicitors dealing with the purchase of Rose Cottage. I’d been in meetings all day and had missed a couple of calls from them as well. The email explained that the owners of Rose Cottage had backed out, citing change in personal circumstances and that there was now no interest in selling the property at all. I called Bryan immediately to share the news and we both stood, 400 miles apart speechless for what seemed like hours. Luckily I had a window seat as I was crying, silently to the clouds during the flight.

Over the past two weeks I feel like I’ve gone through stages of grief, we were pretty devastated, sometimes angry, often sad and occasionally just in denial. One thing is for certain, no matter which way I look at it, the decision makes no sense. To decide to let the cottage and croft slip further in to wrack and ruin when there is someone eager to pay you for it and take on the mantle boggles my mind. To also deny the local tradesmen the income from the project and the village our very small contribution to it’s economy and instead opt for decay and blight of the property, I just can’t understand. We will likely never know why.

After going through the range of emotions we’re left with one prominent question, now what? We agreed fairly immediately to continue with the sale of our house. After all, it was never about one specific property, it was always about the change in lifestyle and Rose Cottage just ticked a lot of the boxes needed for that. We’ve been scouring the various property listing ever since and set up email alerts on the popular ones. If we don’t find something before we sell then we’ll rent temporarily. It’s more important to us that the next property we buy is something that we love, we don’t want to settle for something that’s just OK.

In the meantime the last offer we had on our house has also fallen through, the buyer’s mortgage application failed so once again we’ve been showing the house. We’ve had lots of interest so have set a closing date (which is basically a deadline for offers to be submitted by) for this Friday. Fingers crossed I’ll have good news to write about next week.

Fare thee well Rose Cottage…

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  1. Rosemary Gaynor says:

    Sometimes things are just not meant to happen which is disheartening and disappointing. However, there will be a wonderful new home waiting for you and the search can be great fun too. Good luck with your sale!

  2. rowanfalar says:

    Oh Kashcah. *hugs* It’s so heartbreaking to read the circumstances of your loss. I think you’re right to rent while you find the right home for you and your family. Better to wait and get a place perfect for you and the fur babies.

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