Another week, another offer

The sale of our house is beginning to feel a bit like a soap opera! Maybe third time will be a charm as we’ve verbally accepted another offer.  We’re at the “wait for it…” stage in the cycle again while we wait for the buyer’s mortgage to be formally approved. If all goes well then we can “conclude the missives” which should be the action that prompts our offer on Rose Cottage to be formally accepted. I’m so glad I don’t do this often! I thought the actual moving would be the stressful part (and I’m sure it will be stressful) but sitting on our hands while others decide the fate of this situation has come with a type of stress that I wasn’t expecting. If someone could just shoot me with a tranq dart and wake me when it’s over I’d appreciate it!

Today Google reminded me that it was on this day 7 years ago that we first set foot in Scotland (as a couple). The picture was taken on the ferry to Craignure. We planned the trip as a bit of a celebration of our 10th wedding anniversary. (Crikey, we’re getting on a bit!) I think we used our tax return to pay for our flights and savings for the rest. We were in love with Scotland right away. I know exactly how I sound when I say this but it immediately felt like I had come home. Then what began as a day-dream accelerated into reality much faster than we expected. It’s actually quite difficult for me to believe that we’ve now been living here longer than the time we spent day-dreaming about it. I’m pretty sure I’ll look back on the process we’re in the middle of today in the same way at some point.

While we’re waiting on others to do their bit, we’re off on a secret mission tomorrow. It will take us pretty close to Hermitage Castle which is on my list to visit before we move. Weather permitting we’ll be taking advantage of this opportunity to have closer look at this foreboding fortress, if successful I’ll post about it next week.

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  1. RowanFalar says:

    I wish you all the success on the new offer, and that the admins for Rose Cottage get off their butts quickly. And i hope that your secret plans go swimmingly.

    1. kashcah says:

      Thanks Rowan! Secret mission went well 🙂

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