Back in the saddle again


It’s not a particularly familiar saddle but we’ve had to get back on the “showing our house” horse. We’d accepted an offer on our house around a month ago but last week got an email that the buyer had withdrawn their offer due to a delay in the sale of her property… whatever that means. The disappointment of having to step backwards over that milestone was pretty big. It wasn’t entirely unexpected, as I mentioned a post or two ago we’d noticed that the buyer didn’t have their house for sale yet. Still a bit of an emotional roller-coaster this week. We spent a couple of days catching back up with all the weeding/cleaning/tidying that we’d been lazy about for a couple of weeks and then had viewings on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. One of which has resulted in a verbal offer, another in promise of an offer being made on Monday and a third wanting to return with their spouse. The verbal offer is a bit lower than we’re hoping for (after all we have a new roof to put on a cottage and that’s really just the tip of the spending iceberg for Rose Cottage) so we’re holding out until early next week to see what else happens.

If we do get a written offer in this week we will need to start shoveling the pressure on the solicitors for Rose Cottage’s owner. If we’ve got our sale sorted but not our purchase then we could end up with nowhere to live, now there’s a fun thought!

I have a feeling this coming week is going to be a bit stressful.

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  1. RowanFalar says:

    It bites that the first offer fell through, but at least you have more interested buyers coming through, even if it feels like an invasion of your home. How are the furbabies handling the influx of strangers to their territory?

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