I need some silver for the ferryman!

We’re seriously stuck in limbo at the moment. Formal offers are in play in both directions and there’s not a damn thing that we can do to progress either of them. The buyer for our house is supposedly in the process of putting her house on the market at the moment. I keep googling her address (because I’m a stalker) to see if it’s up for sale yet and nope…nothing…nada. In the other direction our formal offer has gone out to the owner of Rose Cottage and her solicitors are “waiting for instruction” from her which they “hope” to have by 19th July…one whole month after they received the offer. Seriously, there’s not that much to think about!

You might think that while we’re waiting it would be a good time for us to get some other ducks in a row. You might be right but here’s the problem with that, even now I am thoroughly attached to Rose Cottage (shocker!), the more prep we do the more attached I become. At our current level of emotional investment I will be pretty heartbroken if this all falls through. I catch myself thinking about the “Rose Cottage version” of day-to-day stuff. While washing the dishes I’m thinking “When I do the dishes at Rose Cottage I’ll be looking out of the kitchen window across the strath”. When I carry Leeloo up the stairs I’m thinking “When we’re at Rose Cottage there’ll be a lot less going up and down stairs, Leeloo will be able to get around by herself a bit more”. You get the picture. If we start picking out specifics it’s going to be exponentially worse and I’ll be completely devastated if it all goes down the toilet.

The other reason we’re holding off is that we don’t want to waste other people’s time or have them counting on receiving work from us just to have to let them down if the owner decides not to sell to us. After the formal offers had been submitted we dashed off up to Rose Cottage again, in a totally unnecessary hurry. Thinking we needed to get quotes from contractors coming in ASAP! We met with a couple of roofing contractors, a plumber and a builder. We talked about scope of work and what was feasible. One thing that struck me later as a result of those conversations is that for some contractors this will be a significant chunk of work so I feel the need to be more certain before going any further with that.

So here we are…half in, half out…one foot in our current life, one foot trying to step forwards but not yet finding secure ground.

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  1. RowanFalar says:

    congrats on getting an offer for your house! Seems like only yesterday you had it listed.
    But ugh on the limbo. It can be so frustrating having to depend on other people getting off their keesters and finishing their tasks. It’s like a huge real life game of Tetris, or Dominos. I hope that the blocks start falling into place for you and Vallen. Hugs to the furbabies.

    1. kashcah says:

      We did get the offer much faster than we expected, we were thinking we’d be sitting on it for months and instead it was about a week. We’ll get there one way or another, even if “there” isn’t where we expect it to be ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Andrew says:

    We look forward to an update after the 19th. In the meantime I assume there is some diligent searching going on for an alternative โ€œthereโ€

    1. kashcah says:

      Does your basement count as an alternative “there”? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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