Isle of May Trip

This boat trip has been on my wish list for a while now. We tried to go last year but the sailing was cancelled due to weather/water conditions. This year the weather was perfect! Sunny day, cool wind and no haar! Even though the weather was kind the North Sea is not for the faint of heart when you’re in a small boat. The crossing from North Berwick with the Scottish Seabird Centre was in this wee boat:


Our captain did a fine job but for a land lover like me it was quite bouncy, never fear we managed to maintain our composure (read: we didn’t vom! yey!). The sailing accommodated 12 passengers which made the whole thing feel quite personal. We watched a different sailing from Fife dock not long after us and close to 100 people poured out, very herd like!

After a 30 minute crossing we landed on the Isle of May and had 3 hours to explore with the option of joining a guide for a walk around the island. We stuck with the guide for the first half and then went exploring by ourselves. The island is home to a fantastic population of seabirds. We were lucky enough to see Guillemots, Shags, Puffins, Razorbills, Fulmars, Artic Terns, Cormorants, Gulls, Kittiwakes, Eiders and Gannets. Soooo many pictures were taken, here are some of my favourites:

Presents! For Shags, nothing says “I love you” like a slightly pooped on stick!
The gun show, Razorbill style!
♫ Puffins in the wind…all we are is puffins in the wind… ♫
Glorious Gannets!

After exploration of the Isle of May we set off for the journey back with a quick d-tour around Bass Rock which is home to over 150,000 Gannets this time of year. It is absolutely breathtaking and fairly odoriferous!

How can they possibly remember their parking spot?!

The trip is well worth it! Watching the different bird populations was fascinating, beautiful and strangely humbling. I was in awe of them and ashamed of my impact as a human all at the same time. Here’s my full photo album from the trip.

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