Six on Saturday #2


I haven’t been able to get around to another Six on Saturday for the past few weeks, stuff keeps getting in the way of my fun!

The sun has been punishing my garden this week. Everything is beginning to look pretty dehydrated and we’re in great need of some rain.

Here’s my very sunny six! Three flowers and three fruits (does rhubarb count as a fruit? Well I’m counting it today!)

Pollinators have been loving this rose!
Himalayan Poppy, looking so delicate a frilly.
Tiny flowers of a Black Lace Elder, definitely one of my favourite things in the garden.
Delicious gooseberries! I’ve got a better chance of finding hen’s teeth than getting my hands on ripe gooseberries from our bush. What the birds don’t get our pugs will!
Our rhubarb is a monster! I’m sure one day it’s going to put me in my place.
Another favourite with the birds (and pugs!) is this alpine strawberry. The blackbirds stop for snacks daily.

Thanks again to The Propagator for Six on Saturday.

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  1. Mala S. Burt says:

    Gorgeous photos. Love the one with the bees.

    1. kashcah says:

      thanks very much 🙂

  2. Jane says:

    A very nice six. I like the poppies very much….wouldn’t be able to grow them here, I think. You might be right about that rhubarb: you might be beating it off with a stick soon!

    1. kashcah says:

      The poppies were an unexpected find. The first year we moved in we went to a garden show and saw them displayed there but passed them up because we were still fighting back stinging nettles, buttercups, etc which had been left to take everything over. After doing battle with them for a year suddenly random perennials started coming back to life including this poppy.

  3. Lora Hughes says:

    Agree w/you on the black lace elder. So fantastic in the garden, all year round. Your berries look scrumptious. Think you should elbow your way into the feeding trough.

    1. kashcah says:

      I do feel like I’m standing in line to get at the fruit in the garden. Definitely need to push my way to the front, especially for those gooseberries!

  4. chicu says:

    That is some healthy rhubarb! Do you use it much?

    1. kashcah says:

      I haven’t used it this year, I made jam with it last year and still have a lot (a lot!) of jar left. If the zombie apocalypse happens I’ll be set as long as I can survive on rhubarb jam!

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