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Majority of house stuff was finished, home report inspection was done, photos were taken, price agreed on and as of today it’s officially on the market! That’s definitely a threshold that there’s no backing off from, at least not without kissing goodbye to £1000 for no good reason. We really have no idea what to expect now, will we get a phone call for a viewing tomorrow? God, I hope not! I’m still hoping we can touch up paint in a couple of places on Sunday. It certainly doesn’t seem real just yet, I think reality is going to quickly settle in with our first viewing though.

On Saturday we’re off to a Home Building & Renovating show in Glasgow. It’s the same one we went to last year in Edinburgh but now we have a few exhibitors who we want to speak instead of the general wandering that we did last year. At that time we were in such an exploratory stage that we were more interested in figuring out if we’d need to hire an architect to go for planning permission. One massive bonus of going was that we discovered the amazing Planning Aid Scotland who gave us some excellent guidance on how to start a conversation with the local council and resolved the big question of whether we’d be allowed a caravan onsite. This time we’re more interested in sourcing vendors who would be interested in supplying some major components for us, like windows and insulation.

I think collecting some info from the show will be well timed because next week we absolutely have to start calling builders to talk about the work that’s needed. I think the key point for us here will be finding a builder who is willing to collaborate with us by stopping where we can start instead of trying to do the whole project. We’ve been procrastinating on this part as it’s actually a bit scary, mostly because I’m not confident we know what we’re talking about. We know what we want to do, we just don’t know how much of it we can afford to do.

Finally, in among all the inspections, photo sessions and proof approvals for selling the house we’ve managed to replace our car. The car we had was a compact size car that we’d purchased when we first moved here and wasn’t super great then. We haven’t taken the best care of it so it’s to the point where we could spend a bunch of money fixing it or get a replacement. We scraped together money from places we probably shouldn’t have and spent quite a bit of time driving around to check out two estate (station wagon for any ‘mericans) size cars. This is the part where not having a drivers license for a manual transmission really bites us in the ass. Automatic gearboxes are far less plentiful here so we had to go further afield to find some in our thrifty price range. It might be a bit premature but we know we are going to need something with some space to haul “stuff” (read: chickens… but more on that another time) once we sign on Rose Cottage (see how confident I’m pretending to be there!) and something that has the engine size to manage pulling a trailer should it be needed. The one we’ve ended up with is in fantastic condition and we’re really happy with it. We took it for a long drive up the east coast on the way home and everything works as expected except the air conditioning could use a quick kick in the pants, it works but I think it would have a tough time keeping up on a really hot day.

Still can’t believe our house is for sale…

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  1. Robin Hawk says:

    Change is scary and exciting at the same time. Thanks for sharing this tremendous undertaking with us. I hope the best for both of you.

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