Six on Saturday #1


June arrived with a massive amount of rain but after struggling with a cold for a week it felt so good to be outside, rain be damned.

The joys of inheriting a garden and being fairly new to gardening in this country means I often have no idea what I’m looking at. In some ways I like that though, I think we can get so hung up on other people’s definition of a weed.

I’ve stumbled upon a weekly ritual on The Twitter where people who know a lot more about gardening than me post six photos of garden related stuff. I’m going to have a go so here’s my first six.

Beautiful and tiny cotoneaster flowers from a plant that’s bustin’ a move over the garden wall.
I’ve been well impressed with how well this Dicentra has done, it’s doubled in size since last year. High five Dicentra plant!
That’s a bold move snail, strolling across the patio decking in broad daylight.
Look at the super curly stamen on these Dianthus! So cute!
Confession time, I planted this last year and cannot remember what it is…what are you mystery plant?
The flowers on my only peony were totaled by the rain, this is the only survivor 🙁

Thanks to The Propagator for Six on Saturday, it looks like a fun gig and I hope to participate as often as possible.

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  1. cavershamjj says:

    Hello! Lovely Six, welcome to the gang, hope to see you again soon. If you pop a link to your post in the comments of my post this week,then the other folks that do Six on Saturday will see your link, if they don’t already follow your blog.

  2. Mayan Misfit says:

    You know, there’s an android app that will identify flowers, it might help

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