Leeloo is a badass


Leeloo has been receiving laser and hydrotherapy for a couple of weeks now, she’s had two sessions of each so far. I’d say she is tolerating both activities, definitely not enjoying them but putting up with it. The good news is that it is making a difference, we’ve noticed a reduction in limping around the house and overall Leeloo seems to be in less pain and is more bouncy. The laser therapy really seems to have the biggest immediate impact but I know the hydrotherapy is about muscle building for a longer term benefit.

As pictured Leeloo has to wear these ridiculous doggles during laser therapy to protect her eye from damage should she look at the laser or it accidentally point at her eye. This really has a minuscule chance of happening but does have the added bonus of making her look like an extra from a Mad Max movie…total badass.

Here’s a quick video from her first session of how the hydrotherapy works. Leeloo looks a bit worried in this video but did have a much more relaxed second session. Of course a little bribery with sliced chicken goes a long way.

In other news, we’ve still been hard at work on our current house. The sunroom roof is finally finished! That was a lot of work… We’ve also got most the wall boarding up in the sunroom as well and about half of the woodwork has been refinished. Here’s how the list of stuff still to do looks:

  • finish wall boarding in sunroom
  • finish woodwork refinishing in sunroom
  • hang wallpaper in downstairs bathroom
  • refinish remaining 2 exterior doors
  • put some trim around the flooring in the 1st floor boxroom
  • fix the flaffin’ doorbell

I’m thinking we also really need to paint the hallway between the utility room and kitchen and put some deck tiles over the patio because it’s a hot mess as it is.

When I look at this list it doesn’t look any smaller than last time which is really depressing because it feels like we’ve been working really hard on these projects. We made a bit of an agreement that anything we don’t have finished by the end of next weekend was just going to have to stay that way. Then I look at the individual things and think to myself that there is no way we can leave that as it is.

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