DIY Updates & Spring!


A week has slipped by without me even noticing! Happy Spring equinox everyone 🙂

For my own sanity (and so I can feel like we’re actually making progress!), here’s the stuff we’ve managed to get done over the last 8 days:

  • Finished painting the stairs. This was a big one because it involved shutting all the four-footed members of our household in the kitchen/utility while there was wet paint around. It’s not perfect by any means but does look so much better than the carpet. I’m soooo happy this one is done.
  • Refinished one of the three exterior doors. I’m really happy with this as well, the front door is now a classic, telephone box red instead of the 70’s brown. It’s very cheerful and feng shui.
  • Touched up the paint in the spare room, no big whoop.
  • Started installing the wall cladding in the sunroom. Round windows are evil and should be expunged from the face of the earth. I seriously can’t cut curves so there was very slow progress there.

Here’s what we have left to do:

  • Refinish the other 2 exterior doors
  • Put the trim on the sunroom roof
  • Finish installing the sunroom wall cladding
  • Refinish the wood work in the sunroom
  • Hang wallpaper in the downstairs bathroom

Here’s what I’m considering adding to the list:

  • Paint the little bit of hallway between the kitchen and utility because now that the utility is all spiffy it’s making the hallway look bad.
  • Putting some of these deck tile doo-dads on the cement pad that is trying to masquerade as a patio at the moment.

We should be able to get outside this coming weekend as the snow seems to have left and, fingers crossed, won’t be making a come back for many months. I’m hoping a bunch of the sunroom jobs can be crossed off the list by Monday.

On an entirely unrelated note, I couldn’t resist planting some seeds as spring started making itself known. I snagged some bean seeds that I had dried from last years crop and picked up a few packets of herb seeds from B&Q. It’s soooo good to see their little green heads poking up out of the dirt.

I’ve also started chicken research, and by research I mean squeeing with delight over all the super cute, floofy chickens that people have. I did find a couple of good communities on Reddit and a nice bunch of folks on Twitter. I’ve promised my better half that I’ll wait until we have more space for a coop and run. It’s becoming more and more difficult to be patient on this front, especially when I learnt about the British Hen Welfare Trust and their re-homing program for ex-commercial hens. Seriously not sure how much longer I can hold out…

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