Where have we been?


I feel like we disappeared from our usual routine a few months ago, maybe even longer. I mentioned that step 1 of achieving our change in lifestyle is to sell our current house, well that’s not quite true. In order to put this house on the market we need to finish up some projects we started and get some desperately needed updates done. This has meant dedicating our weekends to a lot of DIY work and has crunched things we used to do on the weekends to being done during the week. I’m fondly remembering having a whole Saturday to record footage for a new YouTube series, that’s not an option right now.

Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far:

  • Installed new flooring in downstairs bathroom
  • Pulled up carpet and installed new flooring in the 1st floor small bedroom
  • Pulled up carpet and refinished floors on 1st floor landing
  • Reshingled the sunroom roof
  • Replastered the walls in the utility room
  • Removed Styrofoam tiles from utility room ceiling and refinished it
  • Pulled up the stair carpet and have base coat of paint on treads and risers
  • Part way through painting the stair balusters
  • Varnished pine wall cladding for sunroom walls

Here’s what we’ve still got to do:

  • Put trim strips on sunroom roof
  • Install the varnished wall cladding on the sunroom walls
  • Finish painting the stairs and balusters
  • Refinish the exterior doors
  • Refinish the wood work in the sunroom
  • Touch up paint in spare bedroom
  • Hang some wallpaper in downstairs bathroom

There’s definitely more I’d like to do but I think we have to draw the line somewhere. At the moment it feels a lot like we’re sprinting towards the finish line with a ball and chain clamped on our ankle. I feel a lot of pressure to get the house on the market ASAP (because circumstances with the owners of Rose Cottage could change) but a lot of these jobs are very tedious and go excruciatingly slow.

I’m very much missing hanging out with our friends and spending time with our community. I can’t wait to get back to that and I’m anticipating we’ll have weekends free again while the house is for sale. I also miss going out hiking in the hills, there’s so much to explore locally it feels like a horrible neglect not to be outside in this beautiful country.


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